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Step 1

Submit your application quickly & easily

Step 2

Set up your account so we can pay you

Step 3

Share your unique link to spread the word

Step 4

Sit back and watch the income flow

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We can only keep up with so many people. As we scale, we may close applications to new ambassadors to give our current ambassadors our full attention. We really DON'T KNOW, how many more ambassadors we can take on! Join before it's Too Late!


Still Have Questions? 

📺 What is UNIFYD TV?

UNIFYD TV is more than just another video streaming platform. We are a movement that stands for unifying humanity through spreading higher awareness. By joining UNIFYD TV, members have unlimited access to all content on the platform which includes original series, documentaries, workshops, guided meditations and so much more! Learn more at https://unifyd.tv/

💰How do I get paid?

Simply connect your Bank Account using our simple instructions and your funds will be deposited directly & automatically.

⏳When will I be paid?

Payouts take place on the 1st of every month but may take up to two weeks to reach your account.

🚀 How should I promote UNIFYD TV?

The best way to promote UNIFYD TV is to your audience organically using your email list, social media pages, and telegram channels. Don't worry, we will teach you everything you need to know to be successful once you join Operation UNITY and become an Ambassador!

🤑 Does this mean I get a free membership for UNIFYD TV?

No, joining Operation UNITY and becoming an Ambassador does not grant any free access to any of our paid membership sites or services. If you want to view UNIFYD TV content, you still need to have your own subscription.

📸 Where can I get content to share?

All Ambassadors gain access to our private Operation UNITY Telegram Channel where we will provide content for you to post, making it as easy as possible for you. We will also provide ongoing content as new releases come out. You will never run out of new content and ideas to share.

🌰 Will I always receive the same commission rate?

Yes, we are promising all of our Ambassadors 50% commission for as long as the UNIFYD TV subscriber remains subscribed. We know this sounds too good to be true, but we aren't like those other companies!
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