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Starting Out

What Is Operation UNITY?

How To Sign Up

How To Log In (Ambassador Area)

How To Find Your Link

Telegram Content

How To Join The Telegram

How To Use The Telegram

Downloading The Content

Database Content

Accessing The Databases

Downloading (Desktop)

Downloading (Mobile)

Posting To Platforms




Tik Tok

YouTube Shorts

Content Best Practices

Where To Post Vertical Videos, Horizontal Videos, Still Images, Where To Put Your Link

General Help


Paid Ads



What am I sharing

The only link you are sharing is your unique referral link. This link can be found in the members area under the Affiliate URL tab.

The content that we provide are bonus things for you to share, but sharing content does not earn any commission, only member sign ups.

Country not in payouts

We also offer PayPal for Countries not in payouts

Want to change URL

Unfortunately, we cannot change URL links. Your URL is based off of your username, and we cannot edit those. You choose your username when creating an account, and that becomes your URL. If you wanted, you could create a new account.


At this time, we do not offer subtitles. But this is something that we are working on and hope to include in the future!

Cancel my account

If you do not want to continue, you can just not share your link. There is no commitment on your end to share your link if you do not want to.

My advice is to keep your account live just in case you change your mind, or find someone who would love to join.

Do I need to be a UNIFYD TV member myself

No, you do not need to be a UNIFYD TV member. Memberships are an option and does not interfere with your ability to become an ambassador.

How do I post on social media

If you are unsure of the exact steps to post on social media, please google or youtube because each social media platform is different.
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